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(1) Authority and Purpose. This ordinance is enacted pursuant to the authority granted by Section 59.54(24) of the Wisconsin Statutes, as amended from time to time. It is the intent of the Kenosha County Board that this ordinance will promote the efficient collection of money owed to the County, or handling minor overpayments, thereby promoting the public welfare by eliminating wasteful expenditures of time and tax dollars incurred as the result of the return of a worthless check or minor overpayment.

(2) Definitions.

(a) “Person” includes any individual, sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, joint venture or association.

(b) “Worthless check” means a check which is returned unpaid by the bank on which it is drawn.

(c) “Worthless payment” means a debit card or credit card transaction which is not paid by the bank upon which demand is made.

(3) Additional Charge; Amount. Any person who tenders a worthless check or worthless payment to any Kenosha County official, employee, department, office or agency, shall be liable to the County for payment of the amount for which the check or payment was tendered and an additional charge of $50 to be determined annually by the Kenosha County Financial Services Division. Changes shall be approved by the Finance Committee. This additional charge shall be uniform in amount and application, and shall be comparable to charges for worthless checks and payments made by establishments in the private sector.

(4) Overpayments. All of the Kenosha County departments, divisions, offices and agencies, etc., may retain overpayments made to such department, division, etc., when such overpayment does not exceed $5.00, unless a written request for a refund of such overpayment is made within 90 days. [Code § 3.605, 2018.]