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(1) The cost per day for the maintenance of the inmates in the County Jail shall be as follows:

(a) The charge for confinement of prisoners from municipalities or towns in Kenosha County shall be as follows:

2011 - $21

2012 - $28

2013 - $36

2014 - $44

For years 2015 and beyond, the rate will be adjusted annually using the CPI. (11/9/10)

(b) The charge for Huber Law commitments shall be $16.00 per day plus meals provided in the County Jail. Said charge shall be reviewed at budget time every year. (11/19/96)

(c) The charge for confinement of prisoners from municipalities, counties or towns outside of Kenosha County shall be $60.00 per day.

(d) The meals served in the County Jail charged to Huber commitments shall be as follows:

Breakfast: $2.00

Dinner: $3.50

Supper: $2.50

(e) The charge for electronic monitoring shall be $16 per day. (2/4/14)

(2) Charges for actual confinements shall be charged back to the municipalities or towns detaining such prisoners in the County Jail and charges for Huber Law or work release commitments shall be deducted from the earnings of the private employment of such inmates.

(3) Municipalities, counties and towns are responsible for the cost of medical services provided to an inmate placed upon their behalf in the Kenosha County Jail. In addition, municipalities, counties and towns are solely responsible for any salary expenses incurred in maintaining an inmate at a hospital who was initially placed in the Kenosha County Jail on their behalf.