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In the event of a declared statewide or local emergency covered under State law or this Ordinance, the County Executive shall have, without limitation due to enumeration, the following powers:

(1) To assemble all Department Heads for the purpose of forming an advisory body to offer advice upon the need for and to supervise emergency services to the impacted area(s).

(2) Without restricting the power of the Sheriff to seek mutual aid, to contract with other units of government for the use of manpower, specialized services, and equipment.

(3) To contract on a cost basis with private industry, leasing companies or contractors for services, manpower and equipment.

(4) To order all County employees to immediate active duty.

(5) To order County Departments to concentrate their manpower and equipment in a given area or areas.

(6) To authorize any County owned or leased property to be made available as emergency shelters, food and water dispensing areas, hospitals, morgues, bases of operations and the like.

(7) To order County employees and equipment to be utilized in the transportation of equipment, supplies, food, water, materials, messages and the like, from place to place to assist any governmental, Red Cross or like charitable agency operating within the County.

(8) To suspend ordinary County services.

(9) To suspend the operation of any County licensed business.

(10) Without restricting the power of the Sheriff, to order a curfew for the general public or any segment of the general public in all or any portion of the County.

(11) To close any street, park or public facility within the County.

(12) To close any harbor or airport in the County.

(13) To prohibit railroad traffic within all or any portion of the County.

(14) To order the evacuation of citizens or take other protective actions deemed necessary within Kenosha County.

(15) To declare a state of “Local Emergency” for all or part of Kenosha County considered appropriate.

(16) To request further disaster declarations and assistance from the Governor of the State of Wisconsin and the President of the United States, and other agencies, as appropriate.

(17) To administer the county government effectively to meet the needs of the disaster relief. This includes the power to authorize the transfer of funds from and to individual departments and agencies until such time as this can be assumed by the County Board or the appropriate committees; serve as chief spokesman for the County and take all steps required to keep the public informed on protection and survival steps that may be needed; take all necessary steps to provide for the safekeeping of all County records and documents essential to the function of government; establish priorities in the procurement of supplies and services; control the resources of all County departments and utilize these resources to the most advantage in dealing with the emergency or recovery efforts; provide for the accounting of all emergency disbursements and review their need based on the priority of the operation; direct the resources of Kenosha County anywhere within the State of Wisconsin to insure the well being of County residents; administer the relocation of County government and provide for its functional ability during an emergency; appoint and direct special task groups as required for emergency operations.

(18) To take all steps reasonably necessary to preserve the public health, safety and welfare and property of the citizens and residents of Kenosha County.