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(1) General Requirements. Road name signs may be erected at the intersections of all public roads within the scope of this ordinance showing the names of all roads in accordance with the official road naming map. All intersection signs shall be a four-way sign, unless a multiple intersection requires a larger sign. (4/11/89)

(2) Specifications. The type of lettering, composition, material, color, mounting posts, and accessories shall be determined by the Kenosha County Highway Department in accordance with the standards established pursuant to section 349.065, Wisconsin Statutes. The Kenosha County Highway Department shall be responsible for procuring all materials necessary to assemble the complete road name signs. (4/11/89)

(3) Procurement. The county highway commissioner shall be the exclusive purchaser for all signs erected pursuant to the terms of this ordinance and the county highway department shall be the exclusive installer, subject to budget limitations and manpower. The fees established for the cost and erection of any signs by the county highway department shall be set by the county highway commissioner with the approval of the county highway committee. The amount of the fee shall reflect the actual cost of procurement and installation and shall be subject to annual review. (4/11/89)

(4) Restrictions. No other signs except those specified above shall be erected or used under the road naming plan established by this chapter.