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(1) No person shall enter into or upon or remain in or upon any public school grounds without a written permit from the School Superintendent, Principal or designee. The holder of such permit may conduct official or personal business within the building, grounds or a designated portion thereof for a stated time period on the date designated in the permit. The permit shall be denied where the reason therefor is not school related, is unlawful or where the granting officer reasonably believes that the issuance of the permit will result in the disruption of school or school related business or a breach of the peace. Students attending the school, teachers and school district employees are exempted from the requirement for a permit, as are all electors and poll workers on election days, all parents of students or children engaged in a school-sponsored function and all persons attending a public function provided they are within a class permitted to be in attendance at such function. The permit shall be required for presence on school grounds only while school is in session and for 1/2 hour before and after school is in session.

(2) This section shall only apply in those school districts wherein the School Board or other governing body has approved the application of this section and where notice thereof and the school system’s acceptance of same has been posted in a prominent place at all school entrances intended for public use. Law enforcement officers shall remove from the school premises any person who fails to comply with this section and who fails to voluntarily leave the premises upon request.

(3) Any person who violates this section shall be subject to a forfeiture of not more than $250 or, in default thereof, shall be imprisoned in the County Jail for not more than 90 days. [Code § 9.21, 2018.]