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(a) Primary Purpose and Characteristics. The Kenosha County Board of Supervisors recognizes that the premature piecemeal conversion of farmland to urban use has led to increasing public concern over such conversion. This concern centers on the sprawling of urban population, the increasing cost of providing urban services, and the loss of agricultural lands as a valuable natural resource. Therefore, the Agricultural Land Holding District is intended to maintain and generally preserve for a limited time period those lands where urban expansion is proposed to take place on the adopted regional land use plan or other local land use plans that refine and detail the regional land use plan. It is intended that the status of all areas placed in this district be reviewed by the Kenosha County Planning, Development & Extension Education Committee no less frequently than every two years to determine whether, in light of current development trends, there should be a transfer of all or any part of such areas to some other appropriate use district. Any such review will consider the need for permitting other uses on such land, the nature of the use or uses to be permitted, and the cost and availability of the public services and facilities which will be necessitated by such new use or uses. (11/5/84)

It is recognized that it is neither possible nor practicable to list all of the principal and accessory uses that are compatible with those listed below; and, therefore, it is intended that the following list of principal and accessory uses only be illustrative. Any individual aggrieved by a failure to list a particular principal or accessory use in this subsection shall have the right to file a petition with the Kenosha County Department of Planning and Development pursuant to section 12.55 of the Municipal Code of Kenosha County for a determination as to the similarity of the intended use with the principal and accessory uses listed below.

(b) Principal Uses.

1. Apiculture (beekeeping).

2. Community living arrangements having a capacity of eight or fewer persons and which shall be in conformance with all State statutory requirements.

3. Contract sorting, grading and packaging of fruits and vegetables.

4. Corn shelling.

5. Dairy farming and general agriculture.

6. Essential services.

7. One farm dwelling.

8. General farm buildings including agricultural windmills, barns, silos, sheds and storage bins; provided, however, that said structures are located at least 100 feet away from any off-premises neighboring residential buildings. (6/2/92)

9. Existing residential dwellings remaining after the consolidation of farms with said dwellings not to be considered a nonconforming use; provided, that the remaining lot shall conform to the yard requirements of this district and the lot area and width requirements for a second single-family farm dwelling as set forth in section 12.40.080(b)(113) of the Municipal Code of Kenosha County.

10. Single-family residence on lots of record created prior to the adoption of the ordinance codified in this section where said existing lot is less than 35 acres (see section 12.39.050 of the Municipal Code of Kenosha County).

11. Floriculture (cultivation of ornamental flowering plants).

12. Forest and game management.

13. Foster family homes having less than four foster children and not exceeding eight total occupants and are in conformance with all State statutory requirements.

14. Grazing or pasturing.

15. Greenhouses, not including retail sales of plants and flowers.

16. Hay baling.

17. Livestock raising, except commercial feed lot and fur farms.

18. Orchards.

19. Paddocks.

20. Pea viners.

21. Plant nurseries.

22. Poultry raising, except commercial egg production and commercial poultry feed lots.

23. Raising of grain, grass, mint and seed crops.

24. Raising of tree fruits, nuts and berries.

25. Sod farming.

26. Threshing services.

27. Vegetable raising.

28. Viticulture (grape growing).

(c) Accessory Uses.

1. Feed lot (not commercial and only for permitted farm uses).

2. Accessory buildings, such as detached garages, sheds and gazebos, and boathouses (see also section 12.17 of the Municipal Code of Kenosha County). (8/6/02)

3. Home occupations and professional home offices.

4. Roadside stands (one such stand permitted only for selected farm products produced on the premises and not exceeding 300 square feet in floor area).

5. Small wind energy system.

6. Solar energy system.

7. Storage, curing, drying, churning and packaging of products and crops produced on the land; provided, however, that such products are not processed on the land; and, provided further, that such products are not commercially sold as part of a retail business conducted on the land.

8. Swimming pools and spas (see also section 12.20 of the Municipal Code of Kenosha County). (8/6/02)

9. Fences (see also section 12.19.020 of the Municipal Code of Kenosha County). (8/6/02)

10. Decks and patios (see also chapter 12.18.030 of the Municipal Code of Kenosha County).

(d) Conditional Uses . (See also section 12.40.080 of the Municipal Code of Kenosha County.)

1. Air strips, landing fields and hangars for personal or agricultural related uses.

2. Community living arrangements having nine but not more than 15 persons and in conformance with all State statutory requirements.

3. Concrete and asphalt batch plants temporarily located on a parcel.

4. Gas and electric utility uses not requiring authorization under WSA 196.491(3).

5. Housing for farm laborers or caretakers. (8/6/02)

6. Housing for seasonal or migratory farm workers.

7. A second single-family farm related residential dwelling.

8. Storage of recreational vehicles, boats or snowmobiles.

9. Utility substation.

10. Large wind energy systems.

11. Bed and breakfast establishments. (8/9/94)

12. Borrow pits (temporary); stockpiling or filling of clean fill materials. (8/6/02)

13. Riding stables and indoor arenas (public). (8/6/02)

(e) Parcel Area and Width.

1. Parcels shall have a minimum area of 40,000 square feet.

2. All such parcels shall have a frontage of not less than 150 feet in width.

(f) Building Type, Separation, Number, Height and Area.

1. No structure or improvement may be built on any land in the A-4, Agricultural Land Holding, District unless said structure or improvement is consistent with agricultural uses.

2. For purposes of farm consolidation, farm residences or structures which existed prior to the adoption of the ordinance codified in this section may be separated from a larger farm parcel.

3. No farm buildings or parts of farm buildings shall exceed 100 feet in height.

4. No residential dwelling or part thereof shall exceed 35 feet in height.

5. A total minimum floor area of a residential dwelling shall be a minimum of 1,000 square feet with a minimum first floor area of 1,000 square feet.

6. All residential dwellings shall be attached to a permanent foundation, be properly connected to required utilities, have a building footprint of not less than 24 feet in width, have a roof pitch of not less than 4/12, and an eave extension of at least six inches. (8/6/02)

(g) Yards.

1. Street yard – not less than 65 feet from the right-of-way of all Federal, State and County trunk highways and not less than 40 feet from the right-of-way of all other roads. (8/6/02)

2. Shore yard – not less than 75 feet from the ordinary high water mark of any navigable water. (11/5/86)

3. Side yard – not less than 25 feet in width on each side of all structures.

4. Rear yard – not less than 50 feet.

(h) Authorized Sanitary Sewer System.

1. On-site sewage disposal absorption system.

2. Public sanitary sewer. [Ord. 7, 2022; Code § 12.20-4, 2018.]