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When the land to be subdivided lies within the extraterritorial plat approval jurisdiction of a village or city, the subdivider shall proceed as specified in Sections 14.03-1 through 14.03-7, with the following exceptions or additions (Illustration Nos. 1 to 3 show flow charts that indicate the review and approval process for plats and certified survey maps subject to extraterritorial approval by a city or village):

(a) Prior to filing an application for approval of a preliminary subdivision plat or certified survey map, the subdivider shall consult with the County and town staff in accordance with the provisions of Section 14.03-1 as well as with the applicable village and/or city having extraterritorial approval jurisdiction in order to obtain their advice and assistance. This consultation is intended to inform the subdivider of the purpose and objectives of the regulations of the applicable approving authority’s ordinances and plans; however, the subdivision plat or certified survey map shall not be reviewed by said village or city within the context of the land’s proposed use in accordance with Section 236.45(3)(b) of the Wisconsin Statutes unless an adopted extraterritorial zoning or intergovernmental boundary agreement applies. As a result of the consultation, both the subdivider and the approving authorities may reach mutual conclusions regarding the general objectives of the proposed development and its possible effects on the neighborhood, community, and County. The subdivider will gain a better understanding of the subsequent required procedures. The subdivider shall specify in his letter of application to whom the original application was or is to be submitted.

(b) Approving Authorities include the town board, the County zoning committee or County Board, and any village or city that has extraterritorial authority to review subdivision plats under Section 236.10 or that exercises extraterritorial authority to review certified survey maps (CSMs) under Section 236.45 of the Statutes. The subdivider must comply with the land division ordinances of the County, town, and applicable village or city.

(c) The Subdivider may proceed with the installation of such improvements and under such regulations as the town within whose limits the plat or CSM lies may require. Wherever connection to any city, village, or special district is desired, permission for such connection shall be subject to city, village, or special district review and approval.

(d) All Improvement Requirements specified by the County, town, and/or special district in matters over which they have jurisdiction shall be met before filing of the final plat or, if applicable, CSM. [Code § 14.03-8, 2018.]