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The town or County engineer shall examine all final plats within the town and may make, or cause to be made by a professional land surveyor under the supervision or direction of the town or County engineer, field checks for the accuracy and closure of survey, proper type and location of monuments, and liability and completeness of the drawing. In addition:

(a) The Maximum Error of Closure before adjustment of the survey of the exterior boundary of the subdivision shall not exceed that which is allowed by Section 236.15(2) of the Wisconsin Statutes.

(b) All Street, Block, and Lot Dimensions shall be computed as closed geometric figures based upon the control provided by the closed exterior boundary survey.

(c) The County and Town Boards shall receive the results of the town or County engineer’s examination prior to approving the final plat. The town board may, however, in accordance with Section 14.02-6(c) of this Ordinance, waive the placing of monuments for a reasonable time, not to exceed one (1) year, on the condition that the subdivider provide a letter of credit, certified check, or surety bond equal to the estimated cost of installing the monuments, to ensure the placing of such monuments within the time required by Statute. In that case, the town or County engineer’s examination required under this Section and any related field checks shall be made after the required monuments have been installed. The letter of credit, certified check, or surety bond concerned shall not be released until the town or County engineer is satisfied with the accuracy of the land surveying concerned. [Code § 14.05-6, 2018.]