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(a) The Subdivider shall pay a fee, upon approval of the preliminary plat, final plat, condominium plat, certified survey map, and construction plans and specifications and acceptance of required improvements, equal to the cost of any legal, , planning, or fiscal work which may be undertaken by Kenosha County in connection with the plat or certified survey map. Legal work shall include the review, negotiation, and drafting of contracts between the approving authority having jurisdiction and the subdivider. These fees may also include the cost of obtaining professional opinions including, but not limited to, attorneys, engineers, landscape architects, and land planners, requested by the County zoning committee or staff in connection with the land division being considered.

(b) The Subdivider shall pay fees to the County Division of Planning and Development for required erosion control plan reviews and engineered stormwater management plan reviews undertaken by Kenosha County for plats and certified survey maps, if applicable, in accordance with Chapter 17 of the Kenosha County municipal code.

(c) The Subdivider is responsible for paying other fees required as a result of obtaining permits from other agencies as indicated in Section 14.09-3. Such permits and fees include obtaining permits from towns having jurisdiction over required improvements and the cost for town engineer and legal work related to such improvements, including town street and sidewalk pavement, street signs, street trees, street lamps, and public sanitary sewer, if applicable. [Code § 14.10-4, 2018.]