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No person, firm, or corporation shall divide any land, unless specifically exempted under the Ordinance, located within the jurisdictional limits of these regulations and which results in a subdivision, minor land division, condominium, or replat as defined herein; no such subdivision, minor land division, condominium, or replat shall be entitled to recording; and no street shall be laid out or improvements made to land without compliance with all requirements of this Ordinance and the following:

(a) Provisions of Chapters 236 of the Wisconsin Statutes for proposed land divisions. (b) Provisions of Chapter 703 of the Statutes for proposed condominiums.

(c) All Applicable Local and County Regulations, including zoning, land division, erosion and stormwater management, sanitary, building, and official mapping ordinances.

(d) Comprehensive Plans or plan components adopted by the County or town boards.

(e) Rules of the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services regulating lot size and lot elevation for proper sanitary conditions if any lot or unit is not served by a public sewer and provisions for such service have not been made.

(f) Rules of Wisconsin Department of Transportation and the Kenosha County Division of Highways relating to provision for the safety of entrance upon and departure from County and State trunk highways or connecting highways or streets and for the preservation of the public interest and investment in such highway systems if the land owned or controlled by the subdivider abuts on a County or State trunk highway or connecting highway or street.

(g) Rules of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources setting water quality standards preventing and abating pollution and regulating development within floodplain, wetland, and shoreland areas.

(h) Rules of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

(i) All Other applicable ordinances and State and Federal regulations. [Code § 14.02-3, 2018.]