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Building setback lines, appropriate to the location and type of development contemplated, which are more restrictive than the regulations of the zoning district in which the land division is located, may be required by the town or County zoning committee and shall be shown on the final plat, condominium plat, or certified survey map. Examples of the application of this Section would include requiring greater setbacks to meet the minimum lot width requirement at the setback line for lots on cul-de-sac or curved streets, conform to setbacks of existing adjacent developments (see Section 12.10-8 of the County zoning ordinance), accommodate a coving or other unique design, avoid placing buildings within buffers, easements, or vision clearance triangles while providing adequate yards for the intended use, protect natural resources, or conform to greater setbacks required by Chapter Trans 233 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code for lots along arterial streets and highways. The yards and building pad or envelope on a lot, which is determined by required building setbacks, shall be generally similar to those on adjacent lots and contain sufficient areas to accommodate the intended use including any required buffers, easements, a principal building and any accessory structures, a driveway, and, if applicable, a private onsite wastewater treatment system (POWTS). [Code § 14.07-8, 2018.]