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(1) General. The underlying principals of this chapter is to regulate the proper siting, design, installation, alteration, use, management and maintenance of all private sewage systems in Kenosha County.

(2) Basic Principals. Every building that has or is required to have plumbing fixtures and is intended for human habitation or occupancy shall be provided with an approved method of treatment and disposal of domestic sewage and sanitary wastewater. This may be through connection to a public sewer system, a private sewage system or other means approved by the State of Wisconsin

(3) Discharge Prohibited. Every private sewage system shall be designed, located, constructed and maintained to prevent any discharge of sewage, partially treated sewage or effluent into drain tiles, onto the ground surface, into surface or subsurface waters of the state (including zones of seasonal soil saturation as determined using redoximorphic features in the soil) or into zones of bedrock.

(4) Maintenance. Every private sewage system shall be maintained so as to prevent prohibited discharges stated in this ordinance. Notice of maintenance requirements for all systems with permits issued on or after the implementation date of this ordinance shall be recorded with the Kenosha County Register of Deeds prior to or at the time of sanitary permit issuance. [Code § 15.01-4, 2018.]