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(a) A temporary restaurant or Special Events food establishment may be moved from location to location within the County, but may not operate from the new location until it has been inspected and found to be satisfactory. A temporary restaurant or Special Events food establishment license may not be used to operate more than one restaurant at a time.

(b) Temporary Restaurant/Special Events Food Establishment Fees. Fees for temporary restaurants/Special Events food establishments shall be as follows:

(1) Inspection Fee (for each and every new location within the county) $30.00

(2) Extension of a licensed premises which extends its food service to the outside and operates one day or less per license year $42.00

(3) Temporary restaurants/Special Events. Food establishments other than those under par. (2) $131.00

In addition to the above scheduled fees, the licensee shall pay any State of Wisconsin administrative fee the amount of which is on file with the Division. [Code § 16.02-5, 2018.]