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Fees for licenses issued pursuant to this section shall be as follows:

(a) Food Sales of $1,000,000 or more and processes potentially hazardous food. (11) $1,155.00

(b) Food sales of at least $25,000 but less than $1,000,000 and processes potentially hazardous $575.00 food. (22)

(c) Food sales of $25,000 or more and processes non-potentially hazardous food. (33) $395.00

(d) Food sales less than $25,000 and is engaged in food processing. (44) $220.00

(e) Does not engage in food processing, but does sell potentially hazardous food. (55) $185.00

(f) Temporary Retail Food Establishment operating less than 14 consecutive days in any license year in Processing or celebration. $140.00(P), $46.00(NP)

(P) = Processing conjunction with a single event

(NP) = No

(g) Ice cream carts or wagons. Each cart or wagon. $95.00

(h) Pre-Inspection/Plan Review Fee. New construction/Existing with extensive remodeling.

Category (11) = $400.00

Category (22) = $350.00

Category (33) = $300.00

Category (44) = $250.00

Category (55) = $150.00

Change of operator. Category (55). $250.00 All categories except (55). $75.00

(i) Late Renewal Fee. $100.00

In addition to the above scheduled fees, the licensee shall pay any State of Wisconsin administrative fee, the amount of which is on file with the Division. [Code § 16.03-3, 2018.]