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(1) Any meeting may be closed provided, however, that said meeting is held in conformity with the provisions of section 19.85 of the Wisconsin Statutes as amended.

(2) In accordance with section 19.89 of the Wisconsin Statutes and unless otherwise provided by law, no duly elected or appointed member of the board may be excluded from any meeting including closed meetings of the board, its committees or commissions. Notwithstanding the provisions of section 2.13(7), the minutes, records, tapes and any other matter presented at any closed session of the board or any of its committees shall be available to all supervisors upon written request presented to the chair of the board or chair of the appropriate committee. (3/20/18)

(3) All motions and roll call votes taken in closed session must be recorded and preserved, but such recordings (minutes) shall be impounded and left in the custody of the county clerk or secretary to the committee and not distributed to anyone until the reason for closing the session has expired and secrecy is no longer required to protect vital public or private interests. Those Board or Committee members in attendance at the closed session shall have access to closed session minutes and said minutes shall be deemed approved unless objected to at the next regular meeting of the Board or Committee. (8/21/90)