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(1) Any two members have the right to appeal any decision of the chair by one member making the appeal and another seconding it, at which point the question shall be taken from the chair and vested in the County Board for final decision. Upon such motion for appeal made and seconded, the chair shall state the question as “Shall the decision of the chair be sustained?”

(2) No motion to reconsider is in order unless made by a member who cast a vote on the prevailing side of the question proposed to be reconsidered, or where the county board is evenly divided by any member who voted in the negative, and such motion is made at the same meeting at which the original decision on that question was made or at the next meeting. A motion to reconsider being put and lost shall not be renewed. The motion to reconsider and again place a prior motion before the Board shall require a majority vote. This shall not preclude the board from considering a motion to rescind at any time. A motion to rescind a prior action of the Board shall require prior notice and shall require the same vote as needed to pass the original motion. Any supervisor intending to bring a motion to reconsider or rescind at any meeting other than the meeting at which the report, resolution or ordinance was adopted or any supervisor intending to move to take a matter from the table shall notify the clerk of his intent so that the motion may be properly placed on the appropriate agenda.