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(1) Emergency Government and Emergency Services will be synonymous terms which includes all civil defense, and all measures undertaken by or on behalf of the state and its subdivisions to implement all provisions in this ordinance and Wisconsin Statutes, Chapter 166, including but not limited to the following:

(a) To prepare for and minimize the effects of enemy action and natural or man-made disaster upon the civilian population.

(b) To effectuate emergency repairs to, or the emergency restora-tion of, vital public utilities and facilities destroyed or damaged by such action or disaster.

(2) Civil Defense means all those activities and measures designed or undertaken:

(a) To minimize the effects upon the civilian population caused, or which would be caused, by enemy action.

(b) To deal with the immediate emergency conditions which would be created by such enemy action.

(c) To effectuate emergency repairs to, or the emergency restoration of, vital public utilities destroyed or damaged by such enemy action.

(3) Enemy Action means hostile action by a foreign power which threatens the security of this state, or portion thereof.

(4) Disaster means all other extraordinary misfortunes affecting the county and its residents/citizens, natural or man-made, not included in the term “enemy action”.