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A preliminary plat shall be required for all subdivisions and shall be based upon a survey by a professional land surveyor; shall be prepared on paper of good quality, as well in a digital form compatible with County digital requirements, at a scale of not more than 100 feet to the inch; and shall show correctly on its face the following information:

(a) The Preliminary Plat shall be clearly noted and labeled on its face, “Preliminary Plat.”

(b) Inset Map of the area concerned showing the general location of the proposed subdivision in relation to U.S. Public Land Survey section and quarter-section lines and abutting and nearby public streets and highways. The inset map shall be oriented on the sheet in the same direction as the main drawing.

(c) Title or Name under which the proposed subdivision is to be recorded. Such title shall not be the same or similar to a previously approved and recorded plat, unless it is an addition to a previously recorded plat and is so stated on the plat.

(d) Description of the Location of proposed subdivision by quarter section, township, range, county, and state.

(e) Date, graphic scale, and north point.

(f) Names and addresses of the owner, subdivider, and professional land surveyor preparing the plat.

(g) The Entire Area Contiguous to the proposed plat owned or controlled by the subdivider shall be included on the preliminary plat even though only a portion of said area is proposed for immediate development. The County zoning committee may waive this requirement where it is deemed unnecessary to fulfill the purposes and intent of this Ordinance and undue hardship would result from strict application thereof. [Code § 14.04-1, 2018.]