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(1) Fee Schedule. All persons, firms and corporations be it for profit or non-profit that is having work performed on or installing a POWTS, non-plumbing sanitation system, obtaining a County Sanitary Permit or submitting soil and site evaluations for a POWTS in conjunction with any division of land, certified survey map or subdivision plat whether recorded or unrecorded shall pay a fee according to Attachments “A” and “B” of this ordinance.

(2) Surcharges. All State Sanitary Permit fees include a groundwater protection surcharge and an administration fee to the State of Wisconsin - Department of Commerce and are non-refundable by Kenosha County.

(3) Sanitary Permits. No permit shall be considered submitted for review by the County unless an appropriate fee is paid to the Kenosha County Department of Planning and Development, Division of County Development at: 19600 - 75th Street, P.O. Box 520, Bristol, WI 53104-0520. All fees are hereby established herein and shown as Attachment “A” for State Sanitary Permits and Attachment “B” for County Sanitary Permits and Administrative Fees.

(a) Amendment of Fees. Attachments “A” and “B” may be amended with approval by the Land Use Committee and are hereby incorporated as part of the separate fee schedule of the Department of Planning and Development, Division of County Development as established in Policy Resolution No. 1 adopted by the Kenosha County Board of Supervisors on August 9, 1994.

(4) Double Fees. A double fee shall be charged by the Sanitarian if any construction of a POWTS or the structure it will serve begins prior to issuance of a Sanitary Permit. For purposes of this ordinance, construction is defined as and is not limited to; excavation, the pouring of footings, building of a foundation or the installation of any POWTS components in or on the ground of the system site. Such a double fee shall not release the applicant from full compliance with this ordinance nor from prosecution for a violation of this ordinance.

(5) Re-Inspection Fees.

(a) Should a plumber in charge notify a Sanitarian that a system is ready for a final inspection and should the Sanitarian determine that the POWTS is not substantially completed and a return inspection is needed, the Sanitarian may charge the owner or their agent a fee for a re-inspection.

(b) If at the time of a final inspection the Sanitarian determines the POWTS is not substantially in accordance with the approved plans of the Sanitary Permit and a revision has not been provided to the Sanitarian prior to or at the time of the inspection. The Sanitarian will require a revision of plans and a return inspection and may charge a re-inspection fee prior to backfill of any portion of the installed POWTS.

(c) A plumber or licensed installer making a non-compliant installation or not completing installations in a timely fashion or a POWTS that is already being used without final approval by the Sanitarian because of outstanding requests for a revision of plans, non-compliant installation notice, an incomplete installation or a notice of a re-inspection or any combinations thereof shall be considered a violation of this ordinance and shall be resolved immediately.

(d) A plumber or installer failing to submit necessary documents required for a revision of a Sanitary Permit, or failure to contact the Sanitarian that a non-compliance has been corrected or an incomplete installation has been completed will be considered a violation of this ordinance and the installer and owner shall be notified in writing by the Sanitarian of the infraction. If a second notice is written to the installer/plumber a re-inspection fee may be charged.

(e) Written notice of a re-inspection fee will be sent to the plumber in charge and the owner notifying them of the ordinance violation that a fee for re-inspection is required. The notice shall include the deadline to resolve the matter and the consequences if this non-compliance is not resolved. Payment of the re-inspection fee must be paid before the Sanitarian conducts their final inspection or reviews the revised plans.

(f) Any plumber or licensed installer with outstanding written notices of revision requests, incomplete installations, non-compliant installations, unpaid re-inspection fees or any other violations of this ordinance may be subject to a delay in issuance of any further Sanitary Permits until all violations are brought into compliance. In addition, citations may be issued pursuant to the Uniform Citation Ordinance of the Municipal Code of Kenosha County.

(g) The County may charge a re-inspection fee in situations where they are being requested by the property owner or the installer or both to assist in the trouble shooting of a malfunctioning POWTS or to evaluate any other performance problems or settle a dispute.

(6) Cancellation of Permits and Partial Refund of Fees.

(a) The owner of a Sanitary Permit may request in writing the cancellation of a Sanitary Permit and also request a refund of the permit fees.

(b) A request of permit cancellation may only be conducted within the initial two (2) years validity period of the Sanitary Permit.

(c) The County shall retain an Administration Fee of seventy-five dollars ($75.00) and the State Sanitary Permit allocation amount pursuant to the Wisconsin Statutes. The owner will be entitled to the remainder of the Sanitary Permit fee.

(d) No refund will be available for County permits or for fees paid for administrative services.

(7) Revision of a Sanitary Permit Causing a Change in System Type and Sanitary Permit Fee.

(a) Revisions in a POWTS design after issuance of a Sanitary Permit causing a change in the fee pursuant to Attachments “A” or “B” of this ordinance shall require the following procedure:

1. Issuance of a new Sanitary Permit if required by Comm. 83 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code and collection of the required Sanitary Permit fee. The original permit may be cancelled in accordance with subsection 15.08-7(6) of this chapter and the fee partially refunded.

2. Revisions of plans that change the system design and/or other system components that do not change the original Sanitary Permit fee initially paid will not necessitate payment of any additional fee if the revision is permitted under Comm. 83 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code.

3. Revisions of plans either prior to or after installation of a particular POWTS causing an additional permit fee must be paid to the County at the time of revision and before a final construction inspection by the Sanitarian.

(8) Sanitary Permit Fee Allocation. All State Sanitary Permits issued by the County within ninety (90) days of issuance shall have a copy forwarded by the Sanitarian to the Department of Commerce with a fee of seventy-five dollars ($75.00) for each permit issued. The remainder of the permit fee collected shall be retained by the County for the administration of this ordinance. [Code § 15.08-7, 2018.]