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(1) Department Approval. Upon approval from the State of Wisconsin - Department of Commerce, the Kenosha County Department of Planning and Development, Division of County Development will have agent status to review plans for holding tanks to be installed within the jurisdiction of Kenosha County.

(2) Agent Status Review. The County filed a written request to the Department under the code provisions stated in Comm. 83.23 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code along with the following information:

(a) Request to review plans for holding tanks only.

(b) A delineation of how plans are to be processed.

(c) Information on how plan review decisions are to be recorded and maintained.

(d) Acknowledgement of the individuals available and certified by the Department as a POWTS inspector and a Soil and Site Evaluator to perform the plan review currently employed by Kenosha County.

(3) Approval of Agent Status.

(a) The State of Wisconsin - Department of Commerce has approved the County’s request for agent status for holding tank plan review. The plan review agent status will be effective and begin on the same day of implementation of the Kenosha County Department of Planning and Development, Division of County Development, Sanitary Code and Private Sewage System Ordinance or on the day of receiving approval from the Department of Commerce.

(b) Delegation of plan review for holding tanks is conditional on the following requirements:

1. The submission and review of plans under Comm. 83.22(1), Wisconsin Administrative Code may at the discretion of the submitter be made to the Department or the County.

2. The County will be subjected to annual audits by the Department to evaluate plan review functions.

3. The County can discontinue the delegated plan review function by notifying the Department in writing at least thirty (30) days prior to discontinuance.

4. The recognition as a review agent may be revoked by the Department in accordance with subsection 145.20(3)(a)(2), Wisconsin Statutes.

5. Holding tank plan review and approval shall be only for lands located in Kenosha County.

6. Plan review shall be limited to pre-fabricated, State approved holding tanks not exceeding calculated daily wastewater flows of three-thousand (3,000) gallons per day.

(4) Plan Review for Holding Tanks Submitted to Kenosha County.

(a) Review by Appointment. All holding tank plans submitted for review will be by appointment only. Appointment times and availability are at the discretion of the Sanitarian.

(b) Plan Content. All plans submitted to the County shall be in triplicate and must be in accordance with the submittal requirements stated in sections 15.04-4 and 15.04-5 of this ordinance.

(c) Tank Anchoring. All plans shall include detailed calculations documenting proper anchoring and counter weighting of all proposed holding tanks being installed in Kenosha County.

(d) Fees. At the time of plan submittal a fee will be collected in accordance with Attachment “B” of this ordinance. [Code § 15.08-8, 2018.]