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(1) Incomplete or Non-Compliant Installations. A re-inspection may be necessary when a plumber in charge notifies a County Sanitarian for a final inspection and fails to have the system substantially completed. If the system has not been installed in accordance with the approved plans, a revision of plans will be required.

(2) Failure to Comply. A plumber failing to complete an installation or make corrections to a non-compliant installation in a reasonable period of time shall be notified in writing by the Sanitarian. Failure to comply and notify the Sanitarian within the time frame of the written notice will be considered a violation of this ordinance.

(3) Written Notice Issued. Plumbers ignoring notices from the County Sanitarian regarding revisions, non-compliances or incomplete construction of a system shall be notified in writing that they are in violation of this ordinance. Failure to comply with the notice of violation is negligence in their profession and may result in a human health hazard to a particular property owner or the general public.

(4) Notice to Delay Future Permit Issuances. The County Sanitarian has the discretion to then notify the plumber that future sanitary permit applications will be held in obeyance until all revisions, non-compliant installations and/or incomplete construction projects are completed to the satisfaction of the Sanitarian.

(5) Citations Possible. Dependent on the severity of the violations, the plumber may be subject to a citation issued pursuant to the Uniform Citation Ordinance of the Municipal Code of Kenosha County. [Code § 15.05-11, 2018.]