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(1) Two Year Expiration. All Sanitary Permits for a POWTS, a re-connection or a non-plumbing sanitation system which has not been installed, inspected and approved by the County Sanitarian shall expire two (2) years from the date of issuance.

(2) Permit Renewal. Sanitary Permits may be renewed, provided that a proper application and fees have been filed with the County prior to the expiration date.

(3) Compliance with Current Code at Renewal. The renewal of the permit shall be subject to compliance of this chapter and the Wisconsin Administrative Code at the time of permit renewal.

(4) Changes in Code. Changes in State code and County ordinances may delay renewal of a permit and possibly require plans to be revised or cause a change in system type.

(5) Return of Original Permit Card. The property owner, agent or contractor shall return to the County the original permit card at the time of permit renewal, whenever possible.

(6) Existing Permits. All Sanitary Permits issued prior to the implementation of this ordinance shall expire in two (2) years from the date of issuance.

(7) Building Construction with an Expired Permit. A Sanitary Permit that expires is no longer valid. An owner, agent or contractor shall obtain a new Sanitary Permit prior to beginning or continuing any construction if a Sanitary Permit has expired.

(8) No Permit Refunds on Expired Permits. No person or his agent shall be refunded portions of Sanitary Permit fees if the permit has expired.

(9) Existing Violations and Permit Renewal. The two (2) year time period allowed for the use of a renewed Sanitary Permit shall not be construed as an extension of any corrective orders that may have been issued by the County requiring the replacement or repair of a failing private sewage system.

(10) Building Additions/Renovations and Permit Renewal. Sanitary permits issued as part of a building addition or renovation project may not be renewed by the Sanitarian unless an acceptable written request explaining the delay in the installation of the system from the owner accompanies the renewal application. The explanation must also include a mutually agreed upon deadline date to have the POWTS installed. [Code § 15.04-6, 2018.]